Phare Health is bringing hospital administration and revenue cycle management into the large language model era. The firm develops AI technology for the back office to address the systemic challenges of healthcare finance and, by doing so, lead the industry in improving outcomes for hospitals, clinicians, and patients.

Martin Seneviratne

Co-CEO, Product

Trained as a physician, Martin Seneviratne practiced clinical medicine before devoting himself to maximizing the impact of AI on healthcare. Prior to Phare, he held positions in AI development at Stanford, DeepMind Health and Google Health.

Lee Kupferman

Co-CEO, Partnerships

Lee Kupferman has more than a decade of senior partnership and operational experience at some of the world’s leading tech companies including DeepMind Health and Google Health. 

Tymor Hamamsy


Tymor Hamamsy has spent his career at the intersection of AI and biomedicine. He is a Large Language Model researcher with a PhD in AI from New York University and an MS in biomedical informatics from Stanford. 

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